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Dream Punia Developers property buying guide for Kharar area

                                                              What to look for when you buying a house/BHK/Kothi in Kharar

It is such a good feeling to be in the position of buying a property in kharar or any area you like. To be have a your dream home.

when considering buying a home in kharar first thing to look for is which part of kharar would you like to buy a house. Kharar is big area and you need to decide what is more important for you.


If you have your own transport then any area of Kharar will suit you. However if you are depend on public transport in kharar then you would like to consider a location near to public transport. Dream Punia Developers have two projects Guru Nanak Nagar Kharar and Ek Onkar City Kharar. Both of the projects have very good links to public transport.

Are your children up for university and looking to buy a house in kharar near University ?

Kharar is filled with Education institutes. To buy a BHK in kharar or to afford a koth in Kharar most buyers take loan. Most of husband and wife usually are working. If you using public transport in Kharar then it is better to buy a home in area where dropping you children should not take long. Both project of Dream punia developers in Kharar are near to education institutes. Guru Nanak Nagar Kharar is 2 minutes’ walk from SKRM college and have a good transport links for United technology college in kharar. There is also a school on 5 minutes’ drive which covers the education from nursery to 8th Class. There is also government school from nursery to 10th Class near our projects. If your children are looking for higher education then not to worry, there is Chandigarh University within 10 minutes’ drive. There are auto rickshaw available which are operating continuously within 5 minutes interval. It would not be a problem for our working clients if they do not have access to their own vechiles they will be able to use public transport if you buy a BHK or Plots in Kharar from our location.


Should I buy a house from trusted dealer in Kharar ?

Buying a house in kharar can be hectic process. It is important to do your due diligence before putting yourself into any contract. There are many property dealers in kharar. We hear lot of news that client were cheated and their deposit for forbid etc. It is important to search on the property dealer in kharar. Make sure you ask them for reference and ask if any of their client have bought a flat in kharar or plot in kharar or house in kharar. Ask about the relevant project which you are planning to buy and then go to that property owner to confirm the property was bought from the same agent in kharar and confirm the name. Try to get at least two three references. Dream Punia Developers property dealers in kharar have sold over 100 plus plots in kharar/kothi in kharar/BHK in kharar and will be more than happy to provide you reference.

What are the pro and Cons in buying property in kharar?

• Kharar is developing area and almost it links to Mohali and Chandigarh

• It is 20 minutes’ drive from our property projects in kharar

• There are 3 bigger universities within 10 minutes’ drive from our projects

• It is hub for students and very good rental investment area

• There is new flyover built in kharar. Kharar Landran road is upcoming 200 ft State Highway. There is another Highway from Fatehgarh Sahib to Patiala road that is under construction once its active its going to take all the heavy traffic from kharar landran road. This is the prime road connecting with IT City , CGC, Infosys and other sectors in Mohali. As this belt will have lot of education institutes and Commercial IT Companies so has a huge potential in the upcoming future

However, there are some cons related to Kharar properties

• At the moment it is high traffic area

• There is river which is smelly so be careful when you are buying a property in kharar. However, Dream Punia Developers property are far away from this river so you will not have any smell if you decide to buy from us.

• Most places you have to pay parking fee

Are you Buying a BKH ready to move in kharar, Do you know if the Good Material has been used?

As most buyer are buying kharar houses/BHK on loan, they are left with less choices to buy a plot in kharar and then build house from scratch in kharar. Less banks gives loan when you buy a plot and start building. However, we can help you to get a loan if you want to buy a plot and then build your home in kharar. It is important to know if your house is build with good material so you do not have damp problem or you house start leaking etc. Most builders use cheap material to keep the cost less which gives problem to owners in upcoming years. There are two ways you can make sure your houses are build from good material. First is to get a building inspection report and second one is to check other houses built from the same builder to see if they are facing any problem related to their property. Dream punia developers have built many houses in kharar and proud to say all our property are built from good material.

Should I buy a house with parking in Kharar ?

Kharar is developing area and price are rising every day. Lot of places charge for parking already. If you own your vehicle, it is best to have a house with a least one car parking. For safety of your vehicle, it is important parking is built within the house meaning having walls around the parking.

Are there any Shopping centers in kharar?

VR Punjab is big shopping center in kharar. It includes branded shops plus Cinema in Kharar.

Are there any banks in Kharar ?

Kharar have many banks such as Punjab national Bank, ICIC, Yes and HDFC etc.

Is there any Petrol Station in Kharar?

Khara have petrol station near bus stand where you can get petrol and diesel.

I hope the above will help you to decide if you would like to buy a BHK in Kharar, Plot in Kharar, Kothi in Kharar. If you are convince Kharar is right place for you, get in touch with Dream Punia Developers property dealer in kharar we will be more than happy to assist you to get your dream house in Kharar. 



Our vision is to provide you best quality material built home.

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